Docuss comments (dcs-missio)

First And Foremost, It’s Best To Let Your Mustache Grow.
I mean, why would you be even reading this website in the first place if you haven’t tried this already?
While this may SEEM obvious, it’s worth stressing right off the bat.

And this is incredibly important for the men out there with some Nordic or Irish ancestors:

If you have lighter hair color (i.e. light brown or blonde), some of the areas on your mustache may just be extremely light in color (nearly translucent) making it appear like its patchy.

For most men, these hairs tend to darken as they grow longer.

Hey, duders. I’ve reached an important crossroad in my life, and need some guidance.

I fell into a week long depression after coming to the sudden realization that I’m going to die alone, and emerged with a hefty amount of facial hair. So yesterday, when I decided to get rid of the sadness beard, I had the sudden urge to see how creepy I would look with a mustache. At first, the answer was extraordinarily creepy. Then it started to grow on me, literally and figuratively. I took a picture, posted it to Facebook, and got some positive reception. Now I’m thinking of keeping it.

@steve, you should definitely keep it!