First attempt at growing a mustache. Noob question/advice

Hey everyone, this is my FIRST attempt at growing any sort of mustache. The pictures below were taken at 2 weeks worth of growth. My plan is to try and handlebar. I can’t grow a beard so for the most part I keep my face relatively clean shaven with some stubble on my chin.

Question: 1. Is there a set line of where the mustache should start/end? Does mine look alright so far?
2. Since this is my 1st one, is there any info on whether or not I should shave it and let the hair regrow? Just wondering if a first time growth is good for a handlebar attempt.

Take the corners of each side of your mouth. Project a line straight out from each corner, parallel to the ground. Some will trim below this line. I don’t. It’s whatever you like. You look like you may be trimming right above the lip. You may want to leave that alone for a while, or keep trimming it, depending on the style you want.